The OS for your Makerspace. Cloud-based for sure.

MakersLab is a full-deatured system to drive your complete Makerspace from opening the door to sending out the invoice to the users.

With a small MLC ( MakersLabConnector ) running locally in your network, we can set up a fully managed system to control all your machines. Machines will be switched on and off by software and will be automatically charged on the switch off.
Maschinen werden per Software ein- und ausgeschaltet und beim Ausschalten automatisch abgerechnet.

3D Prints can be auto-sliced if you upload an STL File, or just printed if you upload your G-Code. This can also be done remotely with full control over your print. This also includes your Printers webcam picture of your current print.

With an integration to a door opening system, we can give the user the ability to open the Labs door in the time-frame he is allowed to do it.